Sunday, 20 January 2013

Conlang Card Exchange 2012e

Ní âre premye babik Yeu ve shapâmet premyeron nenon.
Ossí premyeron nenon wo' a?
Ossí ya dacha pidya údna binnya bina ve milt pena woha.
Ossí pena shapâma premye babik Yeu ve dúde latette nilimwege.
Daka kembí sha.
make.IMP you together
May you do likewise.

The final line of the Conlang Card Exchange is an admonition.  Daka is an imperative, 'make!', 'do!'  The pronoun modifies it to a jussive, 'may you do!', and sha is a useful adverb that adds emphasis, 'very', 'the same', 'just'.

I think one of the reasons for conlanging is putting things together, quite literally, like models. One of the early names for the Secret Vice on the internet was Model Languages.  What I think we are modelling, ultimately, is the universe.  Language shapes perception of the world we live in.  So go play and show what you come up with!

Fiat lingua!

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