Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Feminine declension

The word ahbana, daughter, is regular, in as far as ghostian can be regular. Most feminine nouns follow after it.

ahbana, nominative

ahbanan, accusative

ahbanaga, nominative/accusative plural

ahbanas, ahbana, genitive singular, and plural

ahbana, ahbanan, dative singular, and plural

The feminine noun, including the -tas agent noun, does not have a separative form for the instrumental case, so prepositions that govern the instrumental case are always followed by wa. I haven't decided what form the noun takes, probably either genitive or dative.

Sunday, 6 September 2009


Nâshritas looks like the final form for the word actor. In ghostian culture an actor always wears a mask. The ending -tas is used for agent nouns and overlaps with the feminine declension. The forms of the noun are:

nâshritas nominative singular
nâshritan accusative singular
nâshritú genitive singular
nâshrita dative/instrumental singular

The plural form has levelled out as nâshritaren.