Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Summer Greetings

This is the greeting that I sent out on the Conlang Exchange Cards. I should record it as I found the text in my wastepaper basket without making a record of it. Especially since the language after two years has not standardised.

Hastâ uba, sole ya, nin yule
Ya tai ten íhí shúa shradiim e nas
Sha ko kem mera ya lastes hastât
Pocheno piedí ye nas dansa lechon nin gâ
Nin nuan lehú penan shaklútí ye kata
Údin kuatok a lastes brat raran!

Kam ten ítí shim pena wiô ye (yí) kembí, tai laston dâyet lúb.

Stand still, O sun, in the sky
Let there be light in our hearts
As long as summer's day lasts
May our feet dance lightly on the earth
In the dark forest at the end of time
A summer flower brings joy!

If there is winter in your life, then summer returns.

Note to self, the phrase sha ko kem literally means 'only because that'.

All three forms of the accompanitive preposition ya, ye, yí are used here. Ya for the masculine and neuter possessor in a nominative and accusative phrase; ye for the masculine and neuter possessor in an oblique phrase; and for the feminine possessor. It took me a while to master this so there is some variation in grammar of the cards.