Wednesday, 15 July 2009


I forgot that the preposition ya is also a construct state substantive. It is declined for number, gender and case.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Preposition List

Writing up the preposition list for ghostian took me a long time, probably off and on over nine months. I'm done now. So I should post up the list.

Preposition prefixes:

ni- at, on, in
ka- to, for
ishi from (part of this set, written separately from following word)

Longer forms:

These forms are used when the following word is considered a place word.

place word prepositions:
-atara between, among
-úrut middle
-akon before, front, ahead
-nâ above
-balek reverse
-bon under
-blekag back, rear, behind
-sha around, behind

other prepositions:
as, like
do before
nad above, over
keresh across, through
kot from (opposite of )
korom except, apart
at, near
piro instead
po along, around, on/in (time)
posli after
besh without
b' during
from, out (opposite of ninâ)

Particles that act as prepositions:
e topic
wa instrumental
ya associative

Next project will be working out the cases for the substantives.

Thursday, 2 July 2009


An American said that she says yeáh with a long a while she hears New Zealanders saying with a long yéah with a long e sound. I knew that the affirmative particle in ghostian is based on Welsh ie, so this gives me the idea to write it as íe to show that the first vowel is long.