Friday, 11 January 2013

Conlang Card Exchange 2012c

Ní âre premye babik Yeu ve shapâmet premyeron nenon. 
Ossí premyeron nenon wo' a? 
Ossí ya dacha pidya údna binnya bina ve milt pena woha.
CONJ COM do.INF ask.INF one.NEUTER:PL thousand.ADJ:NEUTER:PL thousand.NEUTER:PL NON:PRESENT come:to.3PRES in be.INF
And with the asking of the (first) question a thousand thousand things came into being.

It seems to be an appropriate line to end this chiasma.  I return to completing this translation after the interruption of the holidays.  I would have returned to it earlier except that I pushed my way through making notes from Describing Morphosyntax by Thomas Payne.  The next challenge I have set myself is to create a coherent language out of my notes.  I hope you remain with me as I rally and compile my thoughts.

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